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Last will and testament

AMH Law advises and prepares Wills & Codicils for Estate Planning, as well as and Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care, and Guardianship. We also render services in Estate Distribution and Administration and hold alliances to assist you in Estate Tax Planning.

Coporate Services

Our corporate services include incorporation, business name registrations, preparing corporate filings, drafting partnership and shareholder agreements, by-laws, resolutions, and share certificates. We provide legal services for small to medium sized businesses on incorporation (provincially and federally), organization of companies, contracts, and other corporate legal issues. We also advise on maintaining corporate records and professional incorporation status.

Apostille services

May 16, 2023, Canada joined the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, A.K.A. the Apostille convention. The changes this brought were made effective January 11, 2024. What this means for you is that, rather than getting your public documents legalised and authenticated by the country it is designated for, if that country is one of the 124 countries in the Convention, your documents can be authenticated by select government agencies here in Canada and they will be recognized in any of those countries.

For any documents issued by the Canadian government, you can still go to Global Affairs Canada to get an apostille certificate. For any private document or anything issued by the government of Ontario, such as the following, Official Document Service is responsible: 

  • Birth certificates;

  • Business registry documents;

  • Certificates of divorce or other documents provided by the Superior Court of Justice or Ontario Court of Justice;

  • Ontario-issued postsecondary degrees, diplomas and transcripts.

Our specialty at AMH Law is helping the Spanish speaking community and that includes these new changes to the authentication process. Documents originating in Ontario in a language other than English or French need to have a notarized translation to accompany them to be certified for use in other countries; a service that, for Spanish speakers, we are happy to offer in-house. For those who want their documents in another language, we can find a translator to get your documents certified, guaranteed.

Probate & Estate administration

We advise on obtaining Probate (Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee With or Without a Will) and provide legal assistance to executors and trustees administering estates and trusts.

Notarizing and Commissioning

Ana Hicks is a Toronto Notary Public and is fully qualified to perform notarizing services for clients who require a signature from a registered notary.



AMH Law can administer oaths, swear affidavits and statutory declarations, witness, attest and authenticate the execution of documents.

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